After China’s 20th National Congress, people did not stop talking about the phrase “run.” Real estate and business tycoons, film and television celebrities, and sports stars have migrated (run) one after another.

The daughter of former Chinese president Hu Jintao, Hu Haiqing, who was previously dubbed “China’s number 1 princess” by the mainland media. Hu Haiqing’s “run” was ahead of its time and one of the most well-known migrations.

Hu Haiqing’s Biography

The former leader of the CCP and his wife have two children, a son and a daughter. Hu Haiqing was born in 1973. The son, Hu Haifeng, is currently the party secretary of Lishui, Zhejiang province.

From 1989 to 1993, she attended the Faculty of Thermal Engineering at the elite Tsinghua University.

State media reported that Hu was easygoing and quiet. While studying, she lived in a student dormitory with her classmates. On weekends, she rides her old bicycle home to visit her parents.

Ideological contradictions with father

After graduating from Tsinghua University, Hu Haiqing wanted to study abroad for an MBA, but her father disagreed with her decision. The father and daughter had a big argument, but Hu still had to submit to her father’s stance in the end.

She started her first job at a listed high-tech company in Shanghai. Half a year later, Hu Haiqing took the opportunity to work abroad and fled to Belgium without telling her family. She plans to fulfill her dream of getting an MBA there.

Three months later, when her father found out about it, he asked her to return to China immediately. With no other choice, Hu Haiqing returned to work in China, where she worked at two foreign companies. In 1995, she enrolled at the China International Business School in Shanghai and completed her MBA.

A romance turned sour for no “political” consent from the father

In 1998, Hu Haiqing met Mao Daolin; the two quickly recognized their other half.

Mao Daolin graduated from Shanghai University in 1985 and studied for a master’s degree in the U.S. in 1987. In 1993, he held the position of vice president of Walden International Investment Group. Then in early 1999, he joined Stone Lifang Company, the predecessor of Finally, in June 2001, he became CEO of

The love story reached Hu Jintao’s ears when he was about to take the throne. He once again refused to allow his daughter’s preference. But Hu Haiqing did not give in to her father. In the end, she received her father’s consent on the condition that Mao Daolin must be very secretive and leave Sina as soon as possible. Mao Daolin accepted, but he deliberately prolonged his career.

Farewell family

In 2003, when Hu Jintao’s career was starting to take off, fearing for his newly elected position, he once again asked his daughter Hu to give her boyfriend an ultimatum: “Sina or I, choose one.”

On May 12, 2003, Mao Daolin resigned as CEO of Sina. After selling 375,000 individual shares, he collected almost $1.7 billion and retained 900,000 shares worth $45 million. Mao Daolin and Hu Haiqing secretly married in Hawaii in September 2003.

The dilemma at that time made it difficult for Mao Daolin to find a suitable position in China. Companies that wanted to hire Hu stopped short of touching the country’s leader. Despite her father’s objections, Hu left China to settle in America with her husband.

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