Recently, the Chinese government has relaxed its pandemic policy because of pressure from many sides. The policies in various places are chaotic, which has led to a sharp increase in the pandemic situation and left people at a loss.

Some political analysts believe that based on the CCP’s history of never taking responsibility, some grassroots personnel are likely to become those responsible for replacing the government.

On December 7, the Chinese regime released ten new measures to optimize the pandemic prevention policy. These new ten articles are equivalent to ending the dynamic clearing policy.

Lai Jianping, a master of international law, said that in a situation of surging public opinion, there is a feeling of resistance everywhere at home and abroad. Under the pressure of public opinion, the CCP has made a strategic response. It’s not an obvious decision, but just a cover-up that causes much confusion.

The chaos of pandemic prevention policies in various places has left Chinese citizens at a loss as to what to do. The rapid rise of the pandemic and the opacity of government information have made people afraid to go out. Many businesses have continued to close their doors.

Zhao, a catering business owner in Beijing, said, ‘I don’t know which one is positive and which is negative. It feels like a time bomb around me at any time.’

Zhang Taisu, a professor at Yale Law School, believes that the opening up came too late to save the economy.

He added that supply chains had been irreversibly shifted outward. The real estate market has irreversibly declined. Domestic consumption has been irreversibly damaged.

According to Li Muyang, a program host, the Chinese government will not punish itself. It will shift the responsibility to the people below them.

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