As Shanghai is gradually lifting the lockdown, a video clip showing a large number of soldiers evacuating from Shanghai has been widely spread on the Internet.

Netizens believe they were those behind hazmat suits as covid-prevention staff or anti-epidemic staff. The Chinese usually call them ‘Dabai.’ Our channel has been unable to verify the detail.Either the case, what attracts the audience more is the clip’s second part, showing how these ‘Dabai’ would typically treat residents.

During the pandemic, Dabai would strictly reinforce the Chinese government’s epidemic-control measures.

Hero Weliam, the video’s owner, said that it was the worst nightmare for many Shanghai residents.

Previously, Old Driver, another Twitter user, has called these Dabais a group of communist ghosts wandering in China.

His post came along with a clip showing a troop of Dabais standing in a community, waiting to perform their duties.

Old Driver further added that they were much more terrifying than the virus. He explained that they blocked the door, forcibly took people to quarantine sites, and even used violence.

In fact, Old Driver is not one singular case sharing these opinions about the Dabais. The Chinese have been long familiar with coercive measures that these pandemic enforcers usually take.

They were commonly seen building up fences that lock residents inside, preventing them from even stepping out of their houses.

Reuters quoted a Weibo user who said, “This is so disrespectful of the rights of the people inside, using metal barriers to enclose them like domestic animals.”

There have been times they break into residents’ houses just to take people away to quarantine sites.

They can forcibly drag residents to quarantine sites regardless of the backlashes.

And several clips showing these Dabais violently beating residents have also been widely circulated on the Internet.

According to a Radio Free Asia (RFA) ‘s report, a survey polling 1,021 Shanghai residents, more than 40% of Shanghai residents have felt depressed with the frequent down-mood or hopeless status under lockdown and coercive epidemic-control measures of the government. They even show no interest in anything.

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