Overseas Chinese students showed solidarity with a man named Peng Lifa, who set banners at an overpass in Beijing to protest the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s policy on October 13, just days before CCP started its 20th congress.

Chinese police arrested Peng Lifa as soon as they discovered his protest actions. However, the Chinese authorities have not disclosed where they took Peng or his condition.

Chinese authorities also immediately blocked content related to Peng and his protest at Sitong Bridge on social networks in China.

Netizens called Peng “Bridge Man.” Just like how the world called a young man “Tank Man.” He bravely stopped a convoy of tanks from entering Tiananmen Square in the bloody massacre event carried out by the CCP to suppress pro-democracy protesters on June 4, 1989.

The Epoch Times reported that while students in China were silent about Peng’s brave act, Chinese students worldwide voiced their support. 

An overseas Chinese student urged the Chinese to promote the spirit of Peng to “let the world know our stance.”

Chinese students at various universities around the world have uploaded posts supporting Peng’s actions and displayed slogans opposing the CCP’s atrocities.

A Twitter account of Chinese students wrote, “The participation of university students is the hope for change in China. These young people have brains and have actions.”

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