According to ET, while millions of Shanghai residents had to suffer under lockdowns for nearly two months, many officials seem to be the exception, enjoying a comfortable life in the mansions.

Kangping is a street in Xuhui district, Shanghai’s core urban district. The street is more than half a mile long, and this street is home to many high-ranking officials.

Liu Qing is a resident of Kangping. He told the ET that the street was completely outside the blockade orders, and no one dared to touch them because most of the residents on this street were high-ranking officials.

Liu said, “Everyone knows, especially the police and local authorities, that when two neighbors are in a fight, you need to watch out. You do not know which one has higher connections in Beijing.”

Giving more comments on the Kangping case, Liu said, “This is a very special area. Any subtle enforcement of policy could cost you your career.”

“I can guarantee you, within half a mile where I live, there’s no blockade.”

According to Liu, while local officials exploited their power to the extreme in locking down residents, there are still neighborhoods completely unaffected by the Zero-Covid policy.

Liu added, “If you ask who and what level of the government gave the order, you won’t find any answer or any official documents. Someone has specifically called the city government and enquired about it, but there’s no record of any sort.”

Zhu, who lived in Shanghai for more than 40 years, told the ET that the CCP’s authorities in Shanghai are very detailed and precise in their division of people by social class, especially for those living in high-end communities.

He believes Shanghai’s lockdowns were carried out according to the class of the people that officials were dealing with.

Zhu said, “The discrimination is done so that any problem or issue will not get exposed.”

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