After China lifted its “zero-COVID” policy in December last year, COVID is spreading everywhere without control. 

Chinese people typically travel back to their hometowns to celebrate the Lunar New Year with relatives, much like Westerners do for Christmas. This year, there is no festive atmosphere like the Chinese Lunar New Year in previous years at all. Instead, there were long lines of people at funeral homes and hospitals.

As Chinese media Xiwang Zhisheng reported on January 23, Shenzhen Station, once crowded with people, was deserted. [IMAGE]

The Shandong high-speed train was empty during the Spring Festival travel period. [VIDEO]

Many internet users questioned where people had gone. 

In this regard, some left some sarcastic comments:

“There are obviously a lot of people, and all the seats are full. There were two people standing in the aisle, one in black and the other in white.”

“Go to the funeral!”

“Most of them go to the hospital to accompany the elderly”

China has come under fire from the World Health Organization and others for allegedly underestimating the severity of its current outbreak as reports of overcrowded hospitals and funeral homes pour in.
A video uploaded on January 22 shows patients crowding a specific hospital in China. They can only lie on the ground for emergency treatment. [VIDEO]

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