Despite its heavy social and economic toll, China remains committed to the ‘zero COVID’ policy. Zhengzhou in Henan and Wuhan in Hubei have recently become topics of discussion for the government’s handling of the outbreaks. Recently, the outbreak hit a middle school in Xingtai City, Hebei Province, sparking public outrage.

According to Chinese media Xin Tang Ren, the Renze No. 2 Middle School in Hebei reportedly transferred the students to the quarantine sites without notifying the parents. 

A parent named Xiao Li (pseudonym) told the media outlet that the school has 12 classes in each grade, with about 50 students in each class. 

She added that the children were all transferred from the No. 2 Middle School on the evening of October 29. However, the parents had no idea where their children were sent to. 

As a result, on October 30, about 300 parents of these students gathered at the Renze County government, expressing their dissatisfaction with the school’s actions.

Yet, clashes broke out between the two sides, and the police finally suppressed the parents.

The videos on the Internet show many police stationed in front of the county government. Conflict broke out between parents and the police. 

Multiple police also pushed some of the parents to the ground. Parents could also be heard crying.

The police also forcefully laid a female parent on a hospital stretcher and sent her to the nearby ambulance.

Xiao Li added that there would be no conflict had the authorities come to meet with the parents. 

According to Li, on October 21, the children were locked in the dormitory and prohibited from going out. Yet, the school didn’t inform the parents at all. Even when two students were transferred to other schools, the parents knew nothing about it.

The pictures Xiao Li sent reporters reveal the dormitory’s poor conditions. A chair was used to make a simple toilet, with black plastic bags piling up next to it.

Another video allegedly was taken from the No. 2 Middle School. Parents use long poles to offer food to their children living on the second floor.

On the afternoon of October 29, Xiao Li confirmed that the school allegedly transferred the students to quarantine sites.

Some parents even stopped at the school entrance as the school was relocating students.

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