“Solidarity creates strength” is a timeless lesson, and let’s see how it is applied in China.

Firstly, it takes a lot of training to master the necessary skills and coordinate well with teammates.

And then the force is ready to put those skills into practice.

Protestors must not be permitted to sing the national anthem and voice their thoughts.

Deploy martial law to surround protestors in a circle when they are trying to ask for their deposit back.

Kick, pull, hit.

Use iron sticks to clamp protestors.

Sometimes, take advantage of a broom if a weapon is not available.

It’s even ok to use massive force to suppress students in their classroom.

Animals are also a target. Even a tiny dog requires five officials to join the bashing to death action.

Five is not enough. Why not increase to tens to suppress only one person.

A group of men versus one citizen, making him motionless.

Push other officers out of the way so that he gets a chance to kick the victim also.

Finally, knock out the victim with just a single punch.

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