On October 10, 2022, an online video was posted showing “planting” fake trees on Zhengding Street in Hebei.

The workers in the video were busy planting trees on the streets of Zhengding County, Hebei Province. The “trees” are metal trunks supported on a metal base. Attached to the “trunk” are numerous fake stems and branches. Glued to them, in turn, are plastic leaves.

The videographer asked the workers and learned that the fake tree cost $845 (6,000 yuan). The streets of the whole city are “planted out” like this.

While cities always come up with slogans for urban greening, many still do it for fake political achievements. For example, after planting an artificial tree, the authorities and businessmen secretly conspire to capture the oil and water in the project.

These remodeling projects are rife with corner-cutting and blatant fraud.

For example, a video leaked online showed workers in a city spraying green paint on the ground to create a fake lawn.

The Chinese regime sprayed an entire hillside with green paint. Then the mountain was covered with giant strips of green woven fabrics to complete the greening.

The video also showed an enormous orchard full of dead and dry plants magically returning to “life” care of —you guessed it—more green paint.

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