On the evening of August 26, lightning suddenly struck Nanling Square in front of the headquarters of the government of Nanling District, Wuhu, Anhui Province. Four people were in line waiting for a PCR test when they were struck by lightning, leading to two deaths and two injuries. However, the official announcement did not mention that Nanling Square is right in front of the district government headquarters, nor did it mention that the victims were struck by lightning while waiting to take a PCR test. Netizens were angry when they saw people’s lives being disregarded as they are forced to stand in stormy weather for testing.

According to the official announcement of the Emergency Management Department of Nanling District: At about 7:30 pm on August 26, at Nanling Square, Nanling District, Wuhu, Anhui, a sudden lightning strike occurred causing the death of a man and a woman. Some people injured by lightning have been taken to Nanling District People’s Hospital for treatment, one is currently being monitored in the emergency department and the other is being treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). 

The announcement said that four people were struck by lightning while exercising. However, the account @thameslion posted a live video of the incident questioning the official announcement as a lie.

The account said: “Officials reported that four people who were exercising were struck by lightning. However, some people believe that many people lined up during thunderstorms for nucleic acid tests, and as a result, some people were struck by lightning and died. This is a live video capturing the moment of the lightning strikes, proving that the government is lying?!”

In addition, the announcement also did not mention that Nanling Square – the lightning strike scene – is located right in front of the Nanling district government headquarters.

The video showed that there was a sudden flash of lightning struck accompanied by a loud noise. People covered their ears. Those killed by the lightning lay in puddles. Then paramedics arrived at the scene and removed the bodies of the dead ad injured.

Some netizens commented that PCR testing is dangerous and must be canceled.

A Mars Mobile account asked: “Why can’t the news say that they were struck by lightning while lining up for a PCR test?”

Hush Xiaobai also asked: “Is it because of the PCR test?”

Guo Weimin asserted: “They were struck by lightning while lining up for a PCR test.”

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