On September 21, a large number of flights were canceled across China. Some people were unable to return home.

According to data of the “Flight Manager” platform, as of 10:35 pm on September 21, 9,583 flights had been canceled, with a cancellation rate of almost 60%.

As of 10:00 am on the September 21, the flight cancellation rates in Guiyang Longdongbao Airport and Lhasa Gonggar Airport were over 97%. At Chengdu Tianfu Airport and Urumqi Diwopu Airport cancelations were 87% and 79%. In addition, many airports have cancellation rates above 50%.

Some mainland netizens said that flights across the country had been canceled. They asked worriedly, “Is something big going to happen?”

Some people speculated whether it was related to the situation at the top of the Chinese communist regime. They left messages saying, ‘Is the pandemic prevention and control escalating? Or is there a major event in Beijing?’

Some netizens speculated that there is a military drill or some armament.

However, China Business News explained that this is due to the Chinese Communist Party’s “zero-COVID” policy. It makes it difficult for Chinese people to travel. In addition, the reporting system implemented in various places makes it extremely difficult for people to move.

Both domestic and foreign public opinion consider the CCP’s policies to be extreme, making people miserable.

In an interview, a doctor of law in Beijing said that the “zero-COVID” policy had aroused public anger in many places.

The policy is bringing more and more political risks to the CCP. Everyone in China lives in uncertainty, which makes one wonder how long people will endure this.

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