On Nov 17, Changchun Intermediate People’s Court charged Liu Yanping, 67, with accepting more than $33 million (234 million yuan) in bribes.

According to South China Morning Post, Liu is the former disciplinary chief at the Chinese Ministry of State Security. In court, he confessed his guilt and expressed remorse.

Liu is said to be in former public security vice minister Sun Lijun’s “political clique against Xi Jinping.” Sun Lijun received a suspended death sentence for his corruption, a type of sentence in China that is usually commuted to life in prison after two years.

The court said that Liu received money to help the briber receive incentives in business, lenient sentences, job promotions, and restricted car registration plates.

The court also said that there is evidence that Liu has been corrupt since serving as deputy director of the security bureau of the Ministry of Public Security.

Liu continued to accept bribes while serving as disciplinary head of the Ministry of State Security.

In the past ten years, Xi’s faction has purged a series of officials at all levels working in the military as well as political and legal fields, which are two areas that play a role in protecting the life of the CCP, namely protecting the faction that dominates the CCP.

The officials purged by Xi’s faction were almost all arrested on corruption charges. However, because they work in the forces protecting the regime, many of these officials are entangled in human rights abuses.

Therefore, the public believes that corruption is only a crime for which they must pay the price, and they also must face more significant sentences in the “court of conscience.”

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