Every person born in this world, good or bad, has a place in society.

Liu Zhiyu, a former gold medalist in the 2006 International Mathematics Olympiad, said at the time, the business of psychology training is what he really wanted.

Liu Zhiyu received a full scholarship from MIT and an admission letter, Min. news reported on December 16.

However, Liu Zhiyu sent a text message to his parents informing them that he had declined MIT’s invitation and planned to become a monk.

Liu Zhiyu thought he could reach a Platonic state, having time to study the Dharma, philosophy, and even the ultimate truth he wanted to explore.

However, being a monk means leaving the small house to enter the big house, which today is considered a miniature society with more tweaks and difficulties.

Consequently, life in the pagoda or temple helps the cultivator to look within to properly adjust his attitude and behavior. The state and realm of consciousness are only temporary.

In true cultivation, one needs to elevate one’s mind and heart to elevate one’s spiritual realm. Return to the truth where you are, no matter what realm you are in. The truth can be where you are having lunch or the infinite universe.

A Buddhist book also writes about true cultivation, how to cultivate xinxing.

Liu Zhiyu found that he had no time to meditate there. He had to cook, build a house, fetch water and do a lot of jobs every day, which he was not good at.

Occupying himself only with studying, without worrying about anything else in the past, now helps him to see his imperfections just in the most ordinary activities of life.

The conflicts and difficulties of the 12 years of training in the pagoda helped him learn that cultivation is practicing what is right in everyday life. In every action, word and thought.

He decided to return to normal life to have more time to discover himself.

With the help of Buddhist friends, he founded Huaxia Xinyuan with Huaxia Psychology, an ancient Chinese psychological institution.

The institution is dedicated to promoting the integration and development of traditional Eastern Buddhism and Western psychology.

In modern society, people have more and more problems. As a result, more and more people are looking for psychological counseling.

In a recent interview, Liu Zhiyu said that his current life is very rewarding. 

He has time every day to discover himself here in this life and also help others develop their spiritual self.

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