A tragedy has repeated in Shenzhen under the pressure of the CCP’s draconian lockdown policy.

Recently, students on Weibo reported the death of a cleaning worker at Shenzhen University. They claim that the worker took her own life due to her desperate situation. They say that this sudden death had happened before, but the authorities and the school have not officially corroborated the claims.

The police confirmed the cause of death as a fall from a height. After the incident, the school confirmed that it had set up a special working group to investigate. It added that they would strictly handle the consequences and actively coordinate with the police to investigate the case.

RFA’s aggregate report said that an account believed to be a student posted a photo of suspected relics left by the deceased cleaner. It includes a pair of worn-out shoes, a handbag, and a cell phone.

On Weibo, some Shenzhen University students revealed the alleged story behind the unfortunate woman.

According to the posts, the 45-year-old woman was working as a garbage collector and sorting in dumpsters in four buildings on the university campus. A new pandemic outbreak has caused the schools to close and the garbage collectors to stay in and continue to do their work.

It must be said that their workload is great, but the living conditions are deplorable. A part-time contract with a salary of about 3,000 yuan ($425) does not provide him with room and board. She often had to spread the blanket on the classroom floor to sleep and shower in the bathroom. In addition, she could not sleep until the students finished their nightly self-study in class.

Buying food at the school canteen cost her 30% more because she was neither a student nor a full-time employee.

She alone had a heavy workload with four buildings on campus. Because of the lockdown, all students live and eat in the dormitory; she often had to work until 3 a.m. to finish the work. If she could not complete the workload, she would have to hire another person and share the salary.

The student revealed that she had to shell out 3,000 yuan in placement fee to get this job. However, the manager did not pay her salary on time.

People expressed their disappointment on Weibo after learning that the school had cleaned up all the flowers in tribute to the cleaning woman. Funerals were not even held.

– One student commented:

      “When someone in our school jumped off the building, my friends and I set up candles and flowers downstairs in that building. I went back to my bedroom and took a shower before coming out. Those (candles and flowers) have been taken away. This is the life and death of education at Chinese universities.”

– Another student also left a comment:

      “Just wait for everyone to forget and then think it hasn’t happened, right?”

– While a Weibo user reflected:

      “Sadness is forbidden here.”

Others linked this to the flood tragedy in Zhengzhou, where the authorities prevented the victims from being remembered, or to the censorship of the bus accident that killed 27 people while they were being taken to quarantine in the middle of the night.

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