Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, on October 5, tweeted that “There’s nothing that the Chinese Communist Party fears more than the Chinese people hearing the truth.”

Pompeo attached the tweet with a link to an article titled “China Is Really Worked Up Over Pompeo’s New Video Series.” 

On October 4, Pompeo posted on Twitter a photo of a letter from the Chinese embassy in the U.S. The letter was sent to Hudson Institute, where Pompeo is working for.

The letter, dated September 27, criticizes the Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for making “groundless accusations” against the Chinese Communist Party.

In response, Pompeo wrote: “The CCP wants me to stop speaking the truth. Ain’t gonna happen.”

The Hudson Institute has released a series of videos titled “Evening Chats with Mike Pompeo: A Message to the Chinese People.”

According to VOA, two videos in the series have been published. The first video covers the topic “The Chinese Communist Party Doesn’t represent the Chinese people.” The second video covers “CCP lies about the American race.”

In the first video, Pompeo points out that the biggest lie the CCP has spread is that it represents China and the Chinese.

Pompeo said that if the CCP really represents the Chinese people, the CCP will hold free and fair elections tomorrow, but it will never do so because of the so-called state of the people’s republic against its own people.

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