On June 20, Reuters reported that Beidaihe would ban Tesla cars from entering this district from July 1 to August 31. The reason is that the Chinese Communist Party’s top leaders will be here, and the so-called “summer summit” will be held here.

It is reported that a Tesla’s electric car is equipped with a camera system and sensors on the vehicle to record “sensitive” information in places where this car passes. Netizens say the CCP knows how powerful Tesla is.

On June 20, Aboluowang also published an article entitled, “Will the Chinese Communist Party hold an important meeting? They prohibit Tesla from entering Beidaihe”.

According to the article, in the recent visit of Xi Jinping to Sichuan, some netizens also reported that the local police had implemented control measures to prevent Tesla cars from entering the Chengdu metropolitan area.

Epoch Times posted a video of netizens saying that the police only allowed cars to enter Chengdu avenue and Beltway One that day, but Tesla vehicles were not allowed.

According to Reuters, Beidaihe, a coastal resort in eastern Beijing, used to be the venue for the annual summer secret meetings of the Chinese Communist Party’s leadership. 

Restricting or prohibiting Tesla from accessing important political and defense facilities in China has been a hot topic for the outside world. In March last year, the Wall Street Journal quoted those familiar with the issue, saying that the Chinese authorities restricted the use of Tesla cars to government employees and key state-owned enterprises. The alleged concerns are that data collected by Tesla cars could lead to a leak of national security information.

At that time, the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, said Tesla vehicles were not used for surveillance in China or other places, and if they were to do that, the company would have to shut down. Soon after, the automaker said that all data generated by the cars sold in China are stored domestically.

As if restricting the use of these cars on state employees was not enough, Nikkei Asia reported that the Chinese government also banned Tesla cars from entering People’s Liberation Army facilities and housing complexes of these units.

According to South China Morning Post, the Chinese Communist Party leaders have gathered in the seaside resort of Beidaihe for a summit to work out major policy decisions since 1953. During the implementation of the Beidaihe office system, meetings are usually held here every summer, and almost all meetings before the National Party Congress are held here as well.

Sound of Hope published a photo of a netizen revealing the announcement made by the police, saying that Tesla cars are not allowed to enter Beidaihe.

“Dear Tesla owner. From July 1 to August 31, 2022, all Tesla vehicles are prohibited from entering Beidaihe District of Qin Huang Dao, otherwise, our unit will deal with it in accordance with the relevant law.”

The news agency also posted a photo shared by a netizen about the “commitment paper” that the police asked the owner of the car to fill out with the following contents:

“I promise that from July 1 to August 31, 2022, I will not drive a Tesla license plate car to Beidaihe, and I guarantee that the user of the car will comply with the above commitments.”

Tesla Model 3 currently on sale is equipped with 8 cameras, one millimeter-wave radar, and 12 ultrasonic sensors. Among them, 8 cameras can provide 360 degree vision to the car within a 250-meter radius, and 12 ultrasonic sensors are used to perfect the detection efficiency of this vision-enhancing system.

Tesla’s existing software system also integrates information from the forward radar. It provides additional data on the surroundings thanks to redundant wavelengths that can penetrate heavy rain, fog, dust and even other vehicles in the front.

In addition, Tesla Model S, Model X, and all models sold in the future in other parts of the world will still be standardized with radar.

Many netizens were puzzled by the regulations of the Chinese authorities. Sound of Hope posted some comments as follows:

“Why only Tesla? Or (is it applied) for all models?”

“Is the Chinese Communist afraid of Tesla when they held a meeting in Beidaihe? Are you afraid that Elon Musk will put Starlink in the car?”

“Related laws coming out? What’s the law? Oh, It’s the leader’s idea.”

“I was just wondering what ‘related laws’ are. Is there any law in China that stipulates that Tesla or electric cars are not allowed to enter Beidaihe? The law has become something that authority can interfere with. It is also miraculous. We are living in an environment even worse than in the past.”

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