WeChat, a China-based social media platform owned by tech behemoth Tencent, has recently launched a palm print-enabled applet to settle payments with a hand swipe.

According to a Tech Planet report, the mini program enables palm print payments via an accompanying scanning device. This piece of equipment features a display screen and a palm recognition area.

Users will first need to activate the payment function on the applet. Then they scan and enroll their palm biometrics on the device to make payments. After that, they will just swipe their hands at whichever stores support this system to settle transactions without touching the scanner again.

The outlet noted that the new mini program, developed by Tencent subsidiary Tenpay Payment Technology, has just been tested among selected Shenzhen merchants.

Work is still underway to further improve the feature, and it is not yet ready for wide-scale applications. This new applet works in various offline consumer markets, including restaurants, supermarkets, and community group buying channels, among many others.

However, Chinese media outlet Sound of Hope reported that the new Tencent-owned WeChat palm payment applet had sparked heated discussions among Chinese netizens.

While it might be suitable for some people, most feel that their privacy and security are being threatened.

Some even believe that the mini program and the palm print scanner only aim to collect everyone’s personal and biometric information.

A netizen said, “In the future, all of my face, fingerprints, and palms will be known and understood by these internet companies.”

Another commented, “ID and bank cards use only fingerprints, but our information stored on them is not safe already. This time is a whole hand, don’t you think it’s too scary? We have already lost our irises and fingerprints biometrics to them. After this palm print, what else would they still want to take from us? People have become tools for data collection and analysis now.”

Another wrote, “Just listen to yourself guys. Is this still safe for you anymore?”

Another complained helplessly, “Come on guys, do you really believe our personal privacy has nothing to do with such palm prints these days?”

To most Chinese people, the new palm print payment method of WeChat is none other than another measure to continue monitoring their daily lives and control their freedom.

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