On May 27, an online video showing a heated argument between the COVID prevention staff and Beijing residents appeared on Twitter. 

One day, police officials from a Beijing police station and staff from the sub-district office came to a resident’s house. They informed the household that they would transfer them to quarantine sites.

A female resident immediately fired back. She said she couldn’t stand it when someone knocked on the door in the middle of the night. Moreover, she added that her family had elderly people, children, and some with underlying diseases. She firmly said, “Our family won’t leave!” 

At the beginning of the video, two staff in white hazmat suits stand outside the door of a resident’s house. The phrase “Public Security Li Fangzhi” can be seen written on the protective clothing of one of the staff. 

The woman then demanded the two show their police ID cards. One policeman took out his card and showed it to the woman, saying that he came from the police station in Beijing. 

The female resident then turned to another staff member and asked him to do the same. However, this time, the staff said he came from the sub-district office without showing anything to prove it.

The woman disagreed, she said:

It’s been very clear in the chat group, you bring documents, we will definitely coordinate.

You are empty-handed. It doesn’t have any effect.

You don’t have the right to enforce the law, you’re just at the police station. 

You help people to keep their peace, but we are not criminals.

At this time, the police wanted to explain several times but were repeatedly interrupted by the woman.

Whatever you base on, it must be in accordance with the requirements of the state and the Beijing city government.

There is a requirement whether it is sealed or transported. You have to bring everything, and the residents must see them.

Now we don’t have to listen, we won’t clean up, we won’t go x2.

There are requirements and standards for taking people away.

At one point, the woman also asked the police to stop interrupting her and wait until she finished talking, adding it’s the most basic courtesy.

She went on to say that her family didn’t see any official documents that showed the laws and regulations. And that her family had the elderly, children, and some with underlying diseases. So, they couldn’t be separated.

The woman said her family wouldn’t go. She added that if they think her family had broken the law, they could bring any official documents to find her.

After a while of arguing, the police and office staff slammed the door and left. 

The female resident shouted angrily, asking them what kind of attitude was that. She added that they should cooperate.

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