COVID outbreaks now occurred in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province. Yiwu is also known as the largest commodity market in China. Starting from August 3, the whole city was put under lockdown. Mass COVID tests are also applied to all of its residents.

One Yiwu citizen shared his own experience, saying that the Zongze Road’s intersection is a closed area, and if people enter, they cannot go out. [Video 0:26- 0:32]

Another said that vehicles blocked the road in Yiwu and that she couldn’t go back to Dongya from this place. [Video 0:32- 0:46]

On August 2, the second largest night market in Yiwu—Qingkou Night Market—was also shut down overnight. Several people were still trapped in the market for a day. Without food and water, these people started to protest, demanding the lockdowns be lifted. [Video 0:58- 1:06]

“Protest, protest, we want to eat, we want to eat, protest, protest, protest” [Note to the video editor: add subtitles- chạy subtitles cho video]

One resident of Yiwu told Chinese media, Xin Tang Ren, that the market was ordered to shut down operations on the night of August 2. The COVID tests were carried out overnight. Up to 3,000 people from various communities had to line up waiting for their turn to take the COVID test. 

Ms. Liu is a small business owner in Yiwu. She said the strict epidemic prevention policies had taken a toll on Yiwu’s economy. 

She called the policy ‘unwise,’ adding that many shops were being shut down due to that policy and people are suffering severe stress. She said that one business owner she knows just jumped off the 16th floor.

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