For weeks, China’s most populous city, Shanghai, has been under lockdown to contain the nation’s largest Covid-19 outbreak. Its 26 million citizens are trapped at home, struggling to get food or medical assistance.

The problem of food shortage cannot be solved, and there is nowhere for people to vent their grievances. Therefore, people turn to social media to vent their frustrations, and local officials have now become the targets of Shanghai people.

A recent clip circulated on Twitter, causing another uproar.

In the clip, two Shanghai women held loudspeakers, roaring the message “we are going to starve to death” to a man, allegedly a local committee member.

The man ignored the women while heading to other areas, eyes stuck on his smartphone. Many people witnessed the scene and picked up their phones to film.

Up to now, the clip has gained more than one hundred thousand views, with many leaving comments praising the actions of the two women.

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