On July 2, the floating crane “Fujing 001” sank while trying to dodge typhoon number 2 Siamba (Chaba) in the sea area near Yangjiang, Guangdong province.

On July 5, Weibo Headline News account revealed the radio recording of the rescue call on the night of the “Fujing 001” shipwreck.

At 5:42 on July 2, “Fujing 001” asked for help from the South China Sea Rescue 113.

At 6:30, “Fujing 001” asked the Chinese Navy for help.

At 11:20, the “Fujing 001” signal disappeared from the ship’s automatic identification system.

As reported by 163, on the morning of July 4, Xiao Tian, a daughter of the ship’s crew member, said that her father—an experienced crane captain—had sent a video of the typhoon before they lost contact.

She was then informed to buy air tickets to Guandong as soon as possible. Her mother was in despair.

She and her family have no choice but to wait in the hotel. She also learned that relatives of other missing crew members are full of panic, distress and anxiety.

She says the rescue operations are underway, and she hopes the next one to be rescued will be her father.

As of 15:30 on July 4, four of a total of 30 crew members were rescued. Rescue forces found the remains of 12 suspected drowned.

The search and rescue operation is still ongoing.

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