Call to remove Tiktok due to national security concerns

Brendan Carr is a senior member of the Federal Communications Commission. He tweeted on June 28 that he wrote to leaders of Apple and Google. In the letter, he asked them to remove Tiktok from their app stores for “its patterns of surreptitious data practices.”

He added that Tiktok is not just another video app but was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It collects American users’ sensitive data for assessment in Beijing. It is clear that Tiktok poses an unacceptable national security risk. 

Earlier, Elon Musk showed even broader concern about Tiktok’s omnipresence. The billionaire tweeted, “Is Tiktok destroying civilization?” He added that some people thought so.

78-meter-high tower check under scorching sun

A Xinhua News video shows workers’ electricity tower maintenance work in the vast Gobi desert in Shaptou District, Zongwei city, Ningxia. They are working at the State Grid Ningxia Electric Power Ultra-high Voltage Company.

In the scorching desert heat, they wear insulating shoes and electrostatic protective clothing and climb up the 256 ft high iron tower. In an interview, Ma, one of the workers, says his team is responsible for 40 miles of electricity lines with 85 towers. 

The team is trying to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid during the peak summer season.

When water from tax harms people

A video posted on May 25 shows a water tanker truck spraying water forcefully on the roadside vendors as it passes. As a result, many people got wet, and so did their goods and supplies. According to the video uploader, most victims are elderly.

A netizen says that is one way people’s tax money is used to support a group of people to serve the masses but it turns out they harm the masses.

Another comments that life is like a reverse journey.

Some say that is why guns are banned in China.

Humans or robots, Who are healthier?

Regular exercise is essential for people’s health. However, it depends on various methods. Watch the following video to check out how a group of people is exercising to improve their fitness. They are in the same red-black clothes, trying to move with both legs and arms. By mimicking the gait and posture of reptiles, they collectively act very smoothly.

And now, check this video to see how robots move.

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