Two drink bottles exploded, a woman injured

Recently, a woman in Jinzhou, Liaoning, was severely injured after two bottles exploded. 

The CCTV video from the house shows a woman grabbing a bottle when two bottles of Dayao drinks in the pack suddenly exploded.

According to Chinese media, the victim received 4 stitches in her palm. The incident happened on September 17, and 14 days later, she had the stitches removed. Almost a month has passed, the wound has not fully healed, and sometimes it is numb and painful. 

The victim has contacted the manufacturer, who said it is willing to compensate her 4,000 yuan (nearly $560). However, the victim said it was unreasonable. She has spent more than 2,000 yuan (almost $280) on medical expenses and will not be able to work for a long time. She currently intends to sue the manufacturer.

This is not the first case of accidents related to this brand. This year, a restaurant in Helan reported two unexpected explosions of Dayao drink bottles. The June 23 explosion left an 18-year-old waiter injured with a splinter in the right hand, which caused him to break the extensor tendon of his right index finger. On July 11, this restaurant saw a bottle of Dayao beverage exploding in the evening. Fortunately, no one was injured. On July 12, the incident was reported to the Helan County Xigang Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Helan County.

Disgusting! Children’s patch with worms

Li, a woman from Shuangyashan (Heilongjiang), reported on October 14 that she took her 2-year-old daughter with a fever to a traditional therapy store for treatment. Li spent 1,200 yuan (about $170) to buy a 30-fold combo to cure her daughter’s spleen and stomach. However, her daughter tried it 20 times, which had no effect. Two days ago, her daughter had a fever again. She was told at the store that she could add 90 yuan ($12.5) to a patch. The next day, she felt very angry when discovered two live worms in the patch. Li said she complained to the store. Currently, the store has refunded her the total amount of 1,290 yuan.

She finds scissors in the sole of her daughter’s shoe; a counterfeit product

Chinese mom finds scissors in the sole of her daughter’s shoe; a counterfeit product

Recently, a video shared on the Internet shows that a woman in Xiamen, Fujian province, discovered a pair of scissors on the sole of her daughter’s shoe. The woman said her daughter had been wearing them for several days and found rust under the insoles when washing the shoes, so she disassembled the soles.

The shoe brand Warrior said the shoes in the video do not belong to their brand. They have verified that they are fake and of poor quality. In addition, the store is not authorized to sell Warrior shoes, and they have also initiated legal proceedings against the store.
According to NetEase, legal litigation information shows that Warrior is involved in a total of 44 lawsuits, of which Warrior has repeatedly sued companies for trademark and design patent infringement.

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