The White House on Friday announced new rules to restrict China’s access to U.S. chip technology, blowing China’s ambition in a heating race to dominate advanced technology between the two countries. 

Bloomberg reported that the new restrictions include export controls of certain types of chips in artificial intelligence and supercomputing and strengthen constraints on selling chip manufacturing equipment to any Chinese firm.

The rules were designed to constrain Beijing’s access and exploit U.S. semiconductors to build its own chip industry and enhance the regime’s military.  

Some measures are effective immediately, requiring U.S. chipmakers to stop chip shipments to Chinese-owned companies making advanced logic chips.

Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration Thea D. Rozman Kendler said China “has poured resources into developing supercomputing capabilities and seeks to become a world leader in artificial intelligence by 2030.” 

She added, “It is using these capabilities to monitor, track and surveil their own citizens, and fuel its military modernization.”

Senator Chuck Schumer welcomed the announcement, saying the measures would “protect our country’s innovations from China’s predatory actions.”

The U.S. also seeks to prevent foreign chip makers from supplying cutting-edge semiconductors to China. The Department of Commerce said discussions about the issue with other countries are underway.  

The latest move has added to a series of crackdowns on advanced cutting-edge technology exports to Beijing that Washington has tightened recently.

Paul Triolo, senior vice-president at Albright Stonebridge Group, told the South China Morning Post, “The real goal is simply to give the U.S. government granular control and visibility on all these technologies and who’s selling to China, who’s investing in them.”

Separately, the Department of Commerce added 31 Chinese firms to the “unverified” list that it cannot inspect where their products are being used. The list includes China’s state-owned major top memory chipmaker Yangtze Memory Technologies Corp (YMTC).

In addition, the U.S. further expanded restrictions to three Chinese firms that were added to the entity list in 2019 for their alleged roles with the Chinese regime to suppress the Uyghur minority group in Xinjiang.

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