Sun Jingfang, a petitioner from Wuxi had a phone interview with Chinese media Xin Tang Ren on October 4. She said that ahead of the 20th National Congress, she did not make sure to the local government that she would not petition. Then, authorities sent people to her house to erect iron sheets and barbed wires on it. Her house turned out almost like a prison.

She added, “I was not allowed to go out. Both doors were locked.”

Sun Jingfang used to be a pigeon breeder in Xishan District, Wuxi City.

In December 2010, the director of the village committee led a team to demolish her pigeon sheds. Thousands of breeding pigeons were frozen to death as a result.

After that, a large number of breeding pigeons died of a virus. This incident led to significant financial losses.

Sun Jingfang then decided to follow the path of petitions from then on.

They demolished my pigeon breeding farm, with more than 5,000 pigeons.

In 2012, I embarked on the road of petitioning, because my losses were huge, hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Later, when I petitioned, every time I encountered a major national festival, such as the 18th National Congress and the 19th National Congress, and the Two Sessions, they all watched over me and restricted my freedom in life.

Every time I escaped, I resisted. After I escaped, they came back and detained me. They detained me 9 times and summoned me 21 times.
She also accused the authorities of not letting her out to buy vegetables.

The reporter contacted Zhang Sheng, the secretary of the local street office. 

Right after he realized that it was a media reporter, he quickly hung up the phone.

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