Taiwan is allegedly finding links to Chinese operators as it cracks down on a human trafficking ring that would trick young Taiwanese into fake jobs in Dubai.

According to Taiwanese media Liberty Times, the criminals would lure their victims by posting fake recruitment leaflets on Facebook. 

Focus Taiwan reports that these young applicants were promised a payment of over $33,000 for six months of gold panning. The advertisement also claims to cover the fees for air tickets, PCR testing, and other expenses.

Around 50 Taiwanese in their twenties took the bait and flew to the Middle East city. The youngest was 22 years old, most ages between 22 and 29 years old, with the eldest being 36 years old.

The Liberty Times reports that as soon as they got off the plane, Chinese individuals would confiscate their mobile phones and passports and imprison them in hotels. There, they were forced to join the operation and coax more victims. They would be beaten, electrocuted, or even killed if they refused to cooperate or could not meet the work demand.

Unsuccessful breakaways would face similar punishments and be restrained by handcuffs. The Chinese individuals would also pass them over to other peers for at least $8,000 per person.

Some still managed to flee and contacted the Taiwanese authorities. This led to the arrest of two suspects, a 30-year-old man surnamed Chen and a 21-year-old man surnamed Hsiao.

Prosecutors said the men posted false Facebook job advertisements for Chinese financiers.

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