One of Hong Kong’s most iconic tourist destinations, Jumbo Floating Restaurant, started to leave the city on June 14

According to the South China Morning Post, at around noon, several small boats pulled away the almost 4,200-square-meter restaurant

Brunswick Group, a public relations firm, confirmed the restaurant’s departure from Hong Kong but declined to reveal its new location.

The restaurant is decorated in style like an ancient Chinese imperial palace. Located on Aberdeen Harbor, over 30 million guests have visited this famed restaurant since its establishment in 1976.

This 46-year-old landmark has been closed since early 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic destroyed the city’s tourism and catering industries. The company suffered an accumulated loss of more than 12.74 million dollars. 

As The Epoch Times reported, parent company Aberdeen Harbour Restaurant Enterprises said it had to pay for the costs of up to millions of Hong Kong dollars for inspection and maintenance of the restaurant every year.

The company said, “We do not foresee that (Jumbo Floating Restaurant) can resume business in the immediate future.” 

The company failed to reopen due to high operating costs. Now, a lower-cost location is one of the places the company intends to relocate the restaurant.

Residents gathered to bid it farewell and expressed regret at the loss of the restaurant.

A retired 76-year-old man said, “I really can’t bear to let it go. I think it is a great loss to Hong Kong.” He has lived in the Southern district since the 1980s. 

A 71-year-old resident, Encore Sin, said that Hong Kong is losing something unique.

“If the restaurant leaves today, there is definitely a sense of loss, not just for people who live around this area but for the whole of Hong Kong.” 

While lawmakers urged the government to save the restaurant, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam previously rejected the idea. She said last month that authorities had no plans to invest taxpayers’ money into the restaurant. Lam added that the government was not good at running such premises.

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