Huang Baojin, the former vice-chairman of the Chinese Communist Party’s Hengyang Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Hunan Province, was sentenced to life imprisonment on Feb. 25.

Huang Baogin was convicted of illegally accepting over $10 million to benefit relevant companies and individuals from 2002 to 2020. During this period, he served as director of Hengyang Construction and Engineering Bureau, director of Hengyang Housing and Urban Development Bureau, deputy secretary of Hengyang High-Tech Zone Party Committee, and vice-chairman of Hengyang CPPCC.

Huang Baojin was sacked in May 2020 and investigated in November of the same year.

Huang Baojin took office as vice chairman of the Hengyang CPPCC in February 2015 and worked with Liao Yanqiu, the former chairman of Hengyang CPPCC, for nearly five years. In July 2021, Liao Yanqiu was sacked, then on Jan. 26 this year, Liao Yanqiu was arrested.

Liao Yanqiu was convicted of abusing his position to make profits for others in real estate project licensing, floor area ratio adjustment, and illegal coal mining.

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