More than 50 Uyghurs live in Thai detention facilities a decade after fleeing China. They are now worried about the possibility of being sent back.

According to AFP News, some Uyghurs flee China by traveling through Myanmar to Thailand. However, dozens have been sent to detention there. Observers say they are victims of the kingdom’s desire to avoid angering Beijing or Washington.

The Uyghur group, detained in 2013 and 2014, is currently being held in detention facilities throughout Thailand. Authorities are considering what to do with them.

Both their specific location and number still need to be clarified. A senator working on the case states 59. Meanwhile, a group of Thai rights organizations says there are 52.

Thailand sent 170 other Uyghur women and children to Turkey in the middle of 2015.

Although some Uyghurs remained, three men who fled from a southern immigration detention facility in July made headlines in Thai media. One of the men is still thought to be at large.

However, there needs to be clear information available regarding those who are still being held in detention.

Chalida Tajaroensuk, head of the human rights association People’s Empowerment Foundation, said, “It is clear that the Uyghurs are considered a special security issue.”

During the past eight years, the group is believed to have been moved from one immigration center to another, possibly many times.

Chalida added, “Nobody has an answer on how long they will stay there.”
A UN report released in August 2022 reveals human rights abuses in the Chinese region of Xinjiang. The report concludes that China “may” have committed international crimes, especially against humanity.

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