While people are still paying attention to the disappearance of Hu Xinyu from Jiangxi, several social platforms have recently started re-posting the disappearance of 14-year-old student Wu Jiatao, who comes from Ningxia, Gansu province. Wu’s mother posted a video on the internet in search of her son. She said that at 8:20 p.m. on November 15, (Beijing time), Wu was wearing his blue school uniform from Wangyuan High School and black and white sneakers. Today, 18 days later and she still has no news about her son. She appealed to netizens and volunteers to help her find her son.

On December 9, a Sound of Hope reporter interviewed the boy’s father. He said that his son came home from school at 6:30 p.m. and bought a notebook. Then he did homework for more than an hour. some time after 8 p.m., he went out again and told his brother that he was going to buy another notebook. There are no clues to what happened. (Recording)

According to Wu’s father, before Wu went missing, their family atmosphere was very happy, he had no conflicts with his parents or his twin brother. On the night of his disappearance, Wu did not take his mobile phone or ID card when he went out. He only had a little cash.

In China, surveillance cameras are everywhere, so finding someone should not be a problem. But Wu’s father said, “The public security monitoring system and traffic monitoring in our place (China) cannot help. All were broken. Skynet (a video surveillance network set up by the Chinese regime, to connect more than 20 million surveillance cameras across the country), has a lot of cameras, but whenever something happens, no surveillance cameras can be used.” (Recording 2)

The school uniform that Wu wore on the day of his disappearance was found in a canal near his house and identified as his clothes after DNA testing. Some people suspect that Wu accidentally fell into the canal and was washed away.

However, when the school uniform was found, it was still intact, the zipper was neat, completely unlike being dropped into the water. Wu’s father said, “Now I hope the police can investigate whether my son has been in contact with other people. The road near the bridge has many cameras recording but they didn’t check. We just want to find our son as soon as possible. I hope you guys will repost more information about my son, to attract people’s attention.” (Recording 3)

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