The United States has imposed tariffs on China. Meanwhile, U.S. and Taiwan trading is booming. The “Wall Street Journal” report indicates that the demand for electronic chips in the international market is currently increasing, and Taiwan is taking advantage of this opportunity to expand its influence in the field of international trade.

Currently, Taiwan’s trade with the United States ranks eighth in the world, just behind the United Kingdom and Vietnam. By the end of September, Taiwan had exported a record of $72 billion of goods to the United States. Exports rose to 70%, compared to the start of the China-US trade war in 2017. U.S. exports to Taiwan are up about 35% from 2017, reaching $35 billion annually.

Ming Juzheng, a professor from National Taiwan University, said that Washington supports Taiwan because it’s a progressive democracy, a key economy, and a security partner to build long-term relations and ensure the supply chain security of key national security technologies medical products. 

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