According to Taipei Times, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on July 22 that Washington would help Taiwan has the capabilities to repel possible attacks from the Chinese regime.

At Aspen Security Forum in Colorado, Sullivan said, “We are focused on those capabilities that are going to be most useful in the kinds of contingency we can expect, and not just rely on systems that… [Taiwan has] had around for a very long time.”

A reporter questioned Jake Sullivan that whether Biden’s statement in May that the US would defend Taiwan showed a shift in Washington’s policy toward this Island. 

The National Security Adviser said: “The president said in Japan that our policy has not changed, that we maintain a policy of strategic ambiguity, and we do.” 

He continued, “Ambiguity has to be a feature of strategy in certain contexts, particularly very complex concepts,” 

“I will stand to defend that idea conceptually.”

Sullivan added that the US position on its relationship with Taiwan is to continue building based on the one-China policy, the Three Joint Communiques, the “six assurances,” and the Taiwan Relations Act.

Sullivan also said that the US had become “well-positioned” to deal with Beijing, as the Biden administration has taken measures to boost alliances in the Indo-Pacific region.

Biden’s adviser sent a message to the Chinese regime, “The last thing I would say on [Beijing] … is, it is never a good bet to bet against the US.”

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