Some Republican lawmakers in the U.S. Congress jointly signed a letter requesting an explanation from Disney for its removal of content involved in the Tiananmen massacre in its ‘The Simpsons’ episode.

In the letter, the lawmakers led Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.), asked Disney CEO Bob Chapek to explain why The Simpsons’ episode that featured a sarcastic scene on the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre was pulled from the Disney+ movie streaming service in Hong Kong.

“We are deeply concerned by the apparent decision of Disney to scrub history on behalf of the Communist tyrants in Beijing, even in a satirical environment like ‘The Simpsons’,” the lawmakers wrote.

“This deplorable action raises serious questions of yet another American company undermining American principles at the apparent demand of the CCP,” said the letter.

According to the New York Post, some users of The Disney+ streaming service noticed that all episodes of The Simpsons seasons appeared on the platform, except one. 

In Episode 12 of Season 16, the Simpsons family visits China. When they stop at Tiananmen Square, they are greeted with a sign that reads: “On this site, in 1989, nothing happened.”

Duncan asked whether Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials would review the show’s footage before streaming on the Disney+ platform.

“If yes, please identify when you provided the CCP the ability to scrub your content [or] to make censorship decisions. If no, did Disney self-censor this episode? Why?”

Furthermore, the letter highlighted whether the CCP would threaten a “shutdown or slowdown of operations at Shanghai Disneyland” if the media team did not remove the episode.

The letter also questioned whether the Taiwanese could watch the episode.

More specific questions that are waiting for Disney’s responses in the letter such as:

“Do you publicly acknowledge that the Tiananmen Square Massacre did occur and there was significant loss of life at the hands of the Chinese [unelected] government?” the lawmakers asked.

“What commitments are you willing to make to fight Chinese censorship when it comes to covering up past atrocities at the hands of the Chinese [unelected] government?” they continued.

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