Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo) introduced “the Protecting Higher Education from the Chinese Communist Party Act” on February 18. If passed, Hartzler’s new bill would ban Chinese officials and family members from applying for student or research visas at American universities.

The bill specifically pointed out that the term “family member” refers to the spouses, children, parents, siblings, or grandchildren of CCP officials.

Hartzler said, “While the CCP commits genocide and other atrocities, they continue to send their children to the United States to receive a world-class education. This must be stopped.” She also said, “The Protecting Higher Education from the Chinese Communist Party Act puts an end to this practice, effectively halting the advancement of those who are actively working to undermine our nation.”

In particular, the bill also mentioned the banning of the General Secretary of the CCP, Xi Jinping, and his daughter, Xi Mingzhe. Xi Mingzhe was among over 317,000 Chinese studying in the U.S. She completed her undergraduate degree at Harvard in 2014 and enrolled in graduate school in 2019.

Previously, Hartzler has proposed many laws like Combating the Persecution of Christians in China Act, the Uyghur Stop Oppressive Sterilizations (SOS) Act, and Protecting America from Spies Act.

​​On February 9, several senior members of the House of Representatives proposed the ‘STOP CCP Act.’ The congressmen demanded visa-blocking sanctions and asset freezes against all members of the CCP National Congress — the highest body in the regime and their family members. According to their announcement, “the sanctions would last until the CCP ends its theft of American intellectual property, ends its genocide of Uyghur Muslims, ends its incursions into Taiwan and stops its human rights abuses in Hong Kong.”

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