Henan: ‘It’s raining across the street, but not here.’

Henan has just experienced long hot days. In some places, the highest temperature was 40 ºC (104 °F) from mid-June. Such scorching days and hot nights has people wishing for rain to help cool things down.

According to one video,” It’s raining locally! “It’s raining across the street, but not here” from Henan City Tiktok Channel, the unusual rain pattern appeared on July 2. The rain seemed to be teasing those across the street who were craving it.

The video shows the boundary between the two sides that appeared in the middle of the road. One side of the road was wet with rain, and the other side was dry as if there had never been any rain. Another view shows a parked car with only the rear part wet. This made netizens excited, and left many comments. A user said, “The rain is partial enough,” another said, “There’s a place to get out of the rain.”

100-meter-long ship (328 feet) runs aground in Guangdong, netizens: ‘Test the nucleic acid first’

A Weibo video posted on July 5 shows a 328 foot long ship ran aground on the beach near Yangjiang, Guangdong, which was detected after typhoon Chaba passed.

The Ship News Network App shows that the ship’s water mobile communication service identification code (MMSI) indicated that it was the Sierra Leone, a cargo ship, that was destined for Zhanjiang, with a non-Chinese speaking crew.

The ship’s trajectory shows that it stopped at Moon Bay Beach in Yangxi County at 17:57 on July 2.

However, netizens didn’t pay special attention to this ship or the Chaba typhoon. The point they are most interested in is the spread of Covid disease. User Fengyun yi dao said, “Quickly quarantine, nucleic acid is a big problem”, Zhudaqi ren said, “Beware of the new coronavirus”, and another said, “Test the nucleic acid first”. It seems that people always carry a fear of lockdown.

Jiangsu: Small plane crashed for unknown reason

A Weibo video shows a small plane crashed in Suzhou, Jiangsu, and caught fire on July 5. Locals revealed the incident occurred at the power station of Chengxiang Town, a scenic spot that is a drawcard for visitors.

According to The Paper, a staff member of the power station village’s committee said disclosing the situation is inconvenient. The flying club said the specific circumstances need to be informed and investigated by the relevant departments. The number of casualties has yet to be reported.

A gas tank explosion in Yichun city caused 3 floors of a house to collapse

At 3:26 a.m. on July 5, a suspected gas tank explosion occurred in the East Wing Building, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province, causing part of a house to collapse. As of 8:30 on the same day, the explosion had caused 1 death, 2 minor injuries, and 2 people not yet located.

On-site rescue and related aftermath work are being carried out, and the cause of the accident is under further investigation. (video)

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