Summer in China lasts from May to August. Recently, some areas’ temperature has reached more than 40 degrees Celsius (104° F), such as Shaanxi and Sichuan. People are looking forward to the rain. However, in Shouyang, Shanxi, a once-in-a-century heavy rain and ice hail occurred.

On the afternoon of July 9, extreme weather hit Shouyang, Shanxi Province. From the video shared on social media, it can be seen that the road was covered with hail with a thickness of 30 cm (11.8 inches). Many locals said it was the first time they had seen such a big hail.

According to Sohu, the hail wrapped in wind and heavy rain raged for a long time on a large scale. 18 villages in three townships, Zongai, Jiechou, and Pingshu, in the county, were hit by a huge amount of hail. Another video shows that hail and high winds destroyed crops. The farmer has suffered a lot of damage.

Real estate scam in Shaanxi: properties are not delivered, owners live in terrible conditions

Buying a home is an important goal in everyone’s life, but it can turn into a nightmare. Many people in Shaanxi face a horrible situation: buying an unfinished apartment.

In March this year, nearly 300 owners successively moved into “Yihefang,” a real estate project in Xi’an, Shaanxi, that has been unfinished for 8 years. This building was sold in 2011 and was originally planned to be completed in 2015. However, up to now, the properties have not been delivered to the owners.

Under the epidemic, many owners faced the pressure of reduced income and high rent. Due to the circumstances, they felt forced to move to the unfinished building, where they live with no electricity, water, or elevator.

A video shows some people have carried the beds outside to sleep, and a woman said, “There is no water or electricity, there are many mosquitoes, it is too hot.” They have been living here for more than a month. 

Another said she paid over 500,000 yuan (about 74,000 dollars) just to get an unfinished apartment with five complete certificates. 

The developer has not shown up or taken responsibility. No one from all relevant departments has come to help them solve the problem.

Hebei: Mysterious light appeared in the sky

On July 10, a video shared online showed that the sky of Hebei was illuminated with strange lights. A very large light was seen first, then spread into small dots and moved in fast lines across the sky.

Another video shared by netizens shows a moving light spot with a tail like a comet, but it is short. The cameraman initially assumed it was firework, but after watching it split in half, he realized that it was not a firework but an unidentified flying object.

Shanghai: Sealed off areas, long lines for testing in the rain 

Shanghai lifted its tight lockdown over a month ago. However, life is not as it used to be because the authorities have not yet reached the goal of “Zero-Covid.” Epidemic prevention measures are still strictly applied in some parts of Shanghai.

According to NestEase, the epidemic in Shanghai rebounded, with 2 new high-risk areas and 40 medium-risk areas. According to local authorities, 11 new positive cases and 48 asymptomatic cases have been reported.

Footage shows controlled areas being sealed off doors with screens or fences.Nucleic acid testing is still required to detect positive cases in the community. One video shows people queuing up in a downpour for the test at night.

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