A village in China’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Shenzhen city is again under lockdown after reopening for just one day after finding a few cases. Tens of thousands of people fled, causing a chaotic scene.

Baishizhou is a village in Nanshan District, Shenzhen city. Last Saturday noon, after going through a period of lockdown after being identified as high-risk area, it officially reopened to normal. However, on the next day, Sunday, July 16, Shenzhen found 9 news cases, one confirmed and 8 asymptomatic, so on Monday, July 17, the area was blocked again. 

Many Shenzhen residents were afraid of being locked down again, so from late Sunday to early Monday morning, they fled with their luggage. 

The police tried to block the check points, but could not. People rushed out desperately to avoid being in lockdown again, to the point that the fence around the check points was torn down. Some climbed over the fence. The police tried in vain to stop the flow of people. Residents dragged their luggage, pushed bicycles, and rode electric vehicles to break through the point. The police could only watch people flee, and they were pushed back by the crowd. The police had physical contact with residents during the process.

It is reported that more than 10,000 people fled Baishizhou village.

Many residents came to Chinese social media Weibo to vent their anger:

“The Great Escape of the Jedi before the lockdown of the village in Baishizhou…I can’t believe this is what happened in Shenzhen, a first-tier city in 2022.”

“On the land where I grew up, in the self-proclaimed safest country, I live a wandering, fleeing life, and could be blocked at any time. The days of anxiety and fear, when will they end.”

“Baishizhou is closed by the epidemic. If you flee in the middle of the night, you will be given a yellow code for each case. How do ordinary people live with this?”

“It’s over! It’s over. It was blocked after only one day of opening, help! I’m sick of the epidemic in Shenzhen!! Baishizhou!!!”

“The official unemployment rate in Shanghai announced over the weekend is 12.5%! This year, the epidemic in Shenzhen has been bursting again. Several urban villages and communities in Futian, Baishizhou in Nanshan… What is the unemployment rate in Shenzhen?”

“Shenzhen people have been doing normal nucleic acid for half a year. As long as they enter and exit the checkpoint or go in vehicles, they must check the 48-hour nucleic acid test result. If there is an epidemic area, they even require 24-hour nucleic acid. For this reason, you can’t prevent it. Can you say that it is a problem of the people, can you still believe that people will conquer the sky?”

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