Recently, a video of a conflict between a patient’s family and an ambulance driver was filmed in Wuchang town, Harbin city, Heilongjiang province and it drew a lot of attention. According to reports, a resident from Wuchang called an ambulance to bring his seriously ill mother home, but unexpectedly the driver demanded a fare increase from 1,600 yuan ($221) to 4,600 yuan ($635), and threatened the patient’s and family. The mother died shortly after being brought home. This incident has made the public extremely angry.

The qingdaonews newspaper reported that the person who posted the video was a woman surnamed Zhang from Wuchang. She posted the video saying that on October 27, she and her brother had called the emergency center twice, hoping to bring their seriously ill mother home as she was dying. However, the emergency center said that the ambulance did not leave the city area at night and would only run after 6 a.m. the next day.

Then, Zhang was able to find another ambulance service with the help of a receptionist at Wuchang People’s Hospital. She said, “At 10:30 that night, a driver called back and said the total distance was 34 miles and the price was not over $166.” The two sides agreed to bring the mother home for $221.

According to World Journal, unexpectedly after the ambulance drove out of Harbin city center, the nurse in the vehicle began to inquire about the patient’s condition, even trying to set a fee for ventilators and other medical equipment, and the initial negotiated price changed from $221 to $635. Zhang thought that this amount was way too much compared to what the hospital quoted and did not want to pay. So the driver drove to an abandoned area and told the mother to get out of the ambulance. She was then reluctant to pay 3,140 yuan ($433), and a few minutes after arriving home, her mother passed away.

Vision Times said that after the news was spread, Chinese people left many comments. One person said, “If we don’t give a warning, this kind of thing will happen more and more in the future.”

As public opinion continued to stir, the emergency center at the People’s Hospital in Wuchang responded to China News Weekly. The incident was a personal act by the receptionist and was dismissed by the hospital. The ambulance that day was from another place and the driver was not hospital staff. The Public Security Bureau of Wushang Town, Heilongjiang Province announced that three suspects involved in the case, including the driver and the hospital receptionist, were arrested by the police and there was an investigation.

According to Vision Times, people can’t help but wonder why when something goes wrong, the people who cause the problem suddenly become “temporary employees.” Do they consider people to be fools?

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