As the 20th National Congress of the CCP is approaching, the atmosphere in Beijing is quite tense. A large number of soldiers and police are appearing on the streets.

Beijing is not quiet at the moment. The video, posted by Twitter account Wanjun Xie, shows a large number of policemen in uniform standing at the Beijing Exhibition Center. It’s not clear why they are there.

Wu Zuolai posted on Twitter a video showing that, when Beijing citizens drove past Tiananmen Square, they saw that there were no civilians on the square, but soldiers were standing on guard placed every 30 feet or so. Tiananmen Gate stands in darkness—no lights. There is absolutely no joy on the so-called National Day holiday.

Elsewhere, in order to ensure that the congress will go off without a hitch during the National Day holiday, many local governments have implemented the model of “one detected case means a lockdown for the whole area.” Many tourists have been left stranded.

According to Sohu, from 12 a.m. to midnight on October 9, 5 new cases of COVID-19 and 2 more asymptomatic infections were confirmed in Huicheng District, Huizhou City, Guangdong province. Previously, on October 7, restaurants in medium and high-risk areas in the district were locked down, and dining in restaurants in low-risk areas has been suspended. From October 8 to October 9, students from all districts in Huizhou could not return to school during this time. More than 440,000 people in Daya Bay have been ordered to take nucleic acid tests.

A resident of Huizhou by the name of Zhou told Sound of Hope on October 8 that the community she lives in has been locked down for the 10th day, and she now has to take nucleic acid test every day. Her community has been locked down a few times, so now the measures are even stricter.

During the National Day holiday, many people from Shenzhen went to Daya Bay, Huizhou City to relax. Some tourists have been stuck in the local area and forced to stay in hotels that cost more than 2,000 yuan (about $281) a night. The authorities sent a large contingency of police to prevent people from moving about. People were forced to wait in long lines for nucleic acid tests.

The Twitter account ‘Galaxy star of courage’ posted a video on October 7 and said, “Huizhou suddenly became a medium-risk area, and a large number of police cordoned off the city.”

Twitter account ANDY 無雙 also posted some photos and said, “Location: #Huizhou, China (#China Huizhou) October 4, 2022. Fact: What’s the point of taking a nucleic acid test in less than 24 hours? What time is it that you still make a mess like this, harm people and waste money like this!”

In addition, following Xishuangbanna in Yunnan province, Zhangjiajie, a tourist city in Hunan province also imposed static management from October 6, after a positive case of COVID-19 was detected. The government told tourists and residents not to go out; bus and taxi services were suspended; attractions, restaurants, and schools were closed. All residents must be tested twice in three days, and they can only leave with a negative PCR result in 24 hours. Out-of-province tourists were issued a red code and weren’t allowed to leave and they were taken to designated hotels. The hotel room rate is 180 yuan a day (about $25.30), and only 1 adult per room.

Twitter account @ZhouPink posted information and said: “Today, because of a case of COVID-19, two districts in Zhangjiajie have started so-called static management. Insiders didn’t get the news before the health code turned red, and we were eventually forced to quarantine in a hotel and had to pay all our own expenses. They say that if you don’t want to pay you can sleep on the street, but you still have to take a nucleic acid test, otherwise the code will say red.”

On October 6, a case of COVID-19 infection appeared in Wanda Plaza, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, and the entire area was locked down. The Twitter account Galaxy star of courage posted a video on October 7 showing the chaos.

On October 8, Galaxy star of courage posted another video and said, “October 6, on Long Hutian Street, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, one case of infection of COVID-19 arrived at KFC and everyone inside was locked down, and many people rushed to flee.”

To ensure the smooth running of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party, local governments across China have put in place strict control measures. Sound of Hope quoted commentator Lin as saying, “The CCP attaches great importance to the 20th National Congress of Delegates, because it is related to the fate of the regime. Beijing is the same now. The National Day holiday ended on October 8 and residents are required to have a negative PCR result within 48 hours in order to go to work. It’s actually the government’s way of controlling people’s actions, making them feel insecure. Because the CCP considers ordinary people as enemies, and people choose not to move to get a sense of security. The CCP exaggerates the pandemic, they want to take advantage of the pandemic to control people.”

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