Shanghai residents celebrate the city’s unblocking after the strict 65-day lockdown ends. Reuters paraphrases residents with the title, “Hard to believe it’s actually happening.” 

Some people rush out of their residential areas for brief walks and enjoy a glass of beer or ice cream on the streets. By contrast, others show a sense of wariness and anxiety about incoming days.

Despite the existing panic and trauma, the wave of people leaving Shanghai is on the increase. 

But it’s hard for people to visualize what awaits them on their journey home.

Lockdown lifting doesn’t mean everyone is moving freely.

A video shows a crowd of people at the subway entrance in the morning in Shanghai. Nucleic acid scanning has become the shackles preventing travelers from getting in.

Even if you successfully arrive in your hometown, it is difficult for you to reach your house.

That is because many other cities impose quarantine rules for people from Shanghai. 

Another video shows local anti-epidemic squads in full hazmat suits waiting for returners in Guizhou (贵州 Guìzhōu). 

These squads are ready to pick up people from public places, such as train stations, bus stations, and airports, and send them to isolation.

While watching the video, one netizen commented that there was no way out.

Another said that if you leave Shanghai to go to another city, you will be quarantined. Then, when you return home, you will be isolated again. So, it will take you a few months.

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