Shanghai authorities had imposed a long-term COVID lockdown in response to a massive outbreak that had been going on since March. During the lockdown, 25 million residents were confined to their homes. At that time, many people expressed their frustration on social media. Many residents struggled to access basic food and medical supplies.

A video posted on Youtube on June 3 shows another scene of Shanghai people during the pandemic.

The video shows that after the lockdown was lifted, people burst through the electric door at the entrance of Shanghai Longhua Hospital. 

Five people in blue protective suits tried to block the hospital entrance. They gathered and used their strength to close the electric door but were unsuccessful. The crowd finally went into the hospital one after another.

The channel is unable to verify the incident that happened in the video.

China’s ‘Zero covid’ policy has been carried out across China to curb the COVID-19 pandemic spread in communities. However, some draconian measures have been imposed under its policy since then. For example, it is using strict, targeted lockdowns and mass testing or even sealing off whole neighborhoods across the country. 

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