A video shows many colorful luminous bodies falling across the night sky on July 16 in Turpan, Korla, and other places in Xinjiang. 

Some bodies are large; some are small. They have different colors, such as yellow, white, red, blue, and other multi-colored lights, illuminating the night sky.

When they fall down, they bring a strong crackling sound, resembling fireworks.

Many witnesses said that the scene appeared at about 11:30 pm.

Netizens ask whether they are meteorites.

Some guess this may be the fall of space junk.

Another says they are UFOs. They have finally come to the earth.

Li Liang, an astronomical scientist at the Beijing Planetarium, says this phenomenon is very similar to the violent friction between a relatively large meteorite block and the earth’s atmosphere. While falling to the earth, the friction generates heat and then burns, emitting lights. It is likely to be a bolide phenomenon. 

Li Liang says if the phenomenon is indeed a fire meteor, it is very rare for many bolides to appear at once like that. The earth perhaps has passed through meteorite blocks attracted by the earth’s gravity, producing such a phenomenon. At the same time, fire meteors with different sizes and compositions can produce different colors.

Still, he does not rule out the possibility that the debris of man-made celestial debris has fallen. He says the number of falling luminous bodies in the video is high, so it does not exclude that it is an artificial object. 

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