A Youtube video on April 30 shows students at Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education expressing their frustration through the song; “The sky is high, and the sea is wide.” They sang in unison, crying for freedom which is a right they hardly have at the moment.

Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education has closed the school in the form of closed-loop management. However, the tenants and faculty members go in and out as usual.

Only students cannot get permission to leave, no matter the reason. Their request will not be approved, even during the Qingming Festival, also sometimes called Chinese Memorial Day and Ancestors’ Day.

The school management does not respond to students’ questions, and they only said that the purpose of the closure is for epidemic control measures to avoid close contact.

Moreover, the store’s closure forces students to eat only at the school canteen. However, students complained about the price of food.

Many of them wonder that there have been no new cases in Guangzhou since April 23 and why school leaders still impose restrictions on students.

Students sing together a song to express their frustration, “The sky is high, and the sea is wide.” This is a very famous legendary song by the band Beyond in Hong Kong. The song carries positive energy with the hope for unlimited freedom and perseverance to work towards your dreams.

Here are some lyrics from the song;

“Will still be free and autonomous
Keep singing my song
Walk a thousand miles
Please forgive me for a lifetime of letting go to run after freedom
Anyone can give up their ideas
Even if one day it’s just me and you.”

Emilio Cheng, a netizen, comments that the sky is high and the sea is wide is sung by angry men. Millions of people sang it, and its momentum and repercussions made the listeners feel excited and brought tears to their eyes.

Raymond Pan, another citizen, compares the past and present. When Hong Kongers sang this song, they wore gas masks as they came up against police officers with batons, riot guns, and tear gas. And now, when Chinese students sing this song, they are trapped in the dormitory by several paper seals without the courage to escape.

This song used to sound during the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong in 2014. The protesters sang this song in unison, expressing the call for human freedom. And now, mainland Chinese students are also starting to sing their heart’s desire for their freedom.

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