Reuters cited ABC Radio on May 2 as reporting that Solomon Islands High Commissioner to Australia Robert Sisilo said under a new China-Solomons security deal, Chinese military police could be sent to the islands. However, it will operate under the command of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

He also stated that Solomons would try their best in terms of dealing with China. He also added that what happens in other countries, like Hong Kong, won’t happen in Solomons.

His statements came after concerns over Chinese police deployment to the Solomon Islands under the new security agreement. Then it would use the same techniques as Hong Kong previously used to quell anti-government protests.

The text of the signed security agreement has been kept secret. Solomon Islands’ prime minister also said he would only make it public if China approved.

Sisilo added that Solomons is not seeking to move away from Australia. But seeking more cooperation with China.

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