July 1, 2022, marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover from Britain to China. 

According to a U.S.-based media, a Hong Kong resident who was forced into exile to the United States last year said that wherever there is a Chinese Communist Party (CCP), people would flee from there.

When the CCP controlled China in 1949, there were many mainland Chinese people who fled the mainland to Hong Kong. And after the communist regime implemented the National Security Law in Hong Kong, many people have been fleeing there to other countries.

Gary Dou 49, is a Hong Kong native who lives in exile in the United States. 

He said he used to work as a civil servant in Hong Kong and have a good income. But everything changed after the 2019 Fugitive Offenders Ordinance.

Gary Dou said that he decided to give up Hong Kong for the freedom of his children and himself.

Gary Dou chose to flee to the U.S. on July 9, 2021, two years after “the anti-extradition movement” broke out in 2019 and one year after the Chinese Communist Party passed the National Security Law for Hong Kong.

Gary Dou said his grandfather, a landlord, fled from Guangdong to Hong Kong in 1949. However, he never imagined that he, the third generation, would choose to flee Hong Kong. 

He stated: “In this world, wherever there is a CCP, the Chinese people there have to flee.”

Gary Dou said: “Hong Kong was prosperous, life was convenient, and there was one voice, but all that was gone. Anyone in Hong Kong who can leave will try to leave.” 

Most people in Hong Kong have lost confidence in Hong Kong and are pessimistic about the future of the city.

Gary Dou said he knows more Hong Kong people are leaving Hong Kong, and even those who didn’t want to leave are considering doing so because Hong Kong’s freedom continues to narrow.

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