China’s strict zero-Covid measures in Shanghai have pushed a large number of residents out of their homes and live on the streets.

Worried about being infected, local communities refuse to allow people to return to their own homes from the quarantine sites.

A video released on May 4 shows many people who were forced to sleep on the street with their luggage. They cannot return home after quarantine.

Yang and his wife, Shanghai residents, finished their quarantine on May 2. His local authority asked them to extend the isolation period because his latest one is “too short.” The isolation facility refused to keep them further, so they had to return to the local community but again they were rejected.

They had nowhere to go. After calling the police, the couple was temporarily placed in a container. Many people were in the same situation as Yang, rejected by their district and unable to return to their own homes.

The container was hot during the day and cold at night without water and a bathroom. Garbage bags were used for human waste.

After moving into the cabin, they were locked inside by the management team.

They then sought help, and later they were arranged to stay in an isolation hotel for seven days by the neighborhood committee. However, the cost amounted to nearly 500 yuan (75 dollars) per day.

Previously, a video posted on the Internet showed that an elderly woman from another region finished her required quarantine, but she could not enter her rented apartment. She was left starving on the street during the day.

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