Li Tingyu, a dissident, said she would not return to China. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) detained her for about ten months due to publishing information about mass cases in society.

Li Tingyu had meticulously prepared for her departure from China for six months. Currently, she is living and working in Germany.

Human rights groups say the detention of Li Tingyu and her then-boyfriend exemplifies the ruthless crackdown on dissent by the CCP. The rulers promoted the hostility of society against dissidents.

Li Tingyu said that she was frustrated with not being able to express herself truthfully in everyday life.

In 2016, Li Tingyu and Lu Yuyu documented protests and demonstrations across China for years and posted them online. As a result, many scholars around the world have noticed their posts.

After that, CCP authorities arrested them for causing and inciting trouble.

Li Tingyu was detained for about ten months at the time. She was released in April 2017. Lu Yuyu pleaded not guilty. He was released in 2020 after serving a four-year sentence.

After being released from prison, neither could find a stable job in China. So, in the end, they chose to leave China.

In Germany, Li Tingyu participated in civic activities she would be imprisoned for in China, from signing petitions to participating in demonstrations.

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