Guiyang residents are facing many difficulties as the city authorities urged them not to hoard food, but they didn’t have enough supplies during the lockdown. Currently, lack of food is the main complaint from people. Social media has been flooded with video clips showing the Guiyang people could not stand it and rebelled against the government.

On September 10 at midnight, the Mid-Autumn Festival began, a major holiday for Chinese families, and the lack of food infuriated the people in Guizhou. 

Videos show that people at Huaguoyuan Residential District have ccc. People have also climbed into the vans to steal food and supplies. The anti-epidemic staff could only watch without daring to do anything when the people’s anger had reached its peak. Then the police arrived to control the situation. In a video leaked online, gunfire can be heard amidst the commotion of the people at the scene. And hundreds of people were then arrested. 

According to XiwangZhisheng media, people had to loot because the pandemic prevention staff removed the food and materials donated to sell publicly. Netizens disclosed that the original free donated materials were sold for 30 yuan ($ 4.33) a pack but later rose to 88 yuan ($12.70 ) in the evening.

In addition, there is a lot of information reflecting the situation of food being hidden and not distributed to the people, leading to rotten food that must be thrown away.
Before that, the residents also had to manage to adapt to a life of lack of food. They hung banners in front of their balconies, ” Hungry! I want to eat.” However, no official paid any attention or helped them. The protest at the Mid-Autumn Festival shows that they no longer trust the government.

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