During the live broadcast of the French Open tennis final, China Central Television CCTV provided images considered unusual by the viewer. It seemed to hide an image that they found sensitive, making Chinese fans angry and ridicule it.

The reason was that the world tennis queen Iga Swiatek tied a ribbon in the color of the Ukrainian flag on her hat.

On June 4, the Polish tennis player Swiatek defeated the champion American tennis player Coco Gauff in the French Open final to win for the second time in her career. Simultaneously, this victory helped her extend the series of undefeated matches with 35 consecutive victories and level the 22-year record held by Venus Williams.

However, Chinese fans watching CCTV’s broadcast could not watch the beautiful scenes of the final as usual. Netizens complained that the CCTV footage was messy. They filmed the game for a while, then returned to film the court and repeated. The slow-motion playback was also not continuous but replayed an edited combination of footage.

Some netizens alleged that CCTV cut the broadcast of the awards ceremony. 

As NTDTV reported, netizens who could not smoothly watch the match have expressed their dissatisfaction on the Internet. Some pointed out that CCTV repeatedly delayed the playback and transition of footage to avoid showing the Ukrainian flag-colored ribbon on the right side of Swatek’s hat.

Currently, on CCTV’s official website report on the match, most of the pictures and videos are from the left side of Swatek. Photos of the front and behind are mainly those from a far distance, making the Ukrainian flag colored ribbon on the right side of her hat not clearly visible.

This victory helps Swiatek strengthen the appellation of “Ultimate Queen” (since the time of Serena Williams) and helps assert her position as a new force on tour. Swiatek’s voice will undoubtedly carry more weight in the tennis village and with the whole world!

Swiatek has supported the people and country of Ukraine since the early days of the war. Swiatek has been playing tennis with the ribbon pinned to her hat in the colors of the Ukrainian flag since early March.

She called it “pretty weird” that some players have stopped wearing similar tributes to Ukraine “because there is still war, there are people still suffering.”

“I’m going to wear it until the situation is going to get better,” Swiatek said.

During the live broadcast of the French Open tennis tournament’s final, she sent a strong supportive message on the award podium. This time, her voice carries extreme weight. Sportmax quoted Swiatek after winning the championship: “I also wanted to say something to Ukraine, to stay strong, because the war is still there. Since it started, I was hoping when I do the next [tournament] the situation will be better, but I will still have hope.” 

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