Columnist Josh Rogin of the Washington Post on June 11, wrote that Ukrainian President Zelensky called on Asian countries to support Taiwan in face of growing aggression from Beijing.

Speaking via video at the 19th Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, Ukraine’s President answered a question from Rokin about how to respond to China’s economic and military coercion against Taiwan.

President Zelensky replied, “I think that today’s example of Ukraine is an example for the whole world. The world must always support any action related to pre-emptive measures so that there is no war.”

He added that that the international community should come to the aid of countries facing aggression before war breaks out.  The war in Ukraine shows that when violence erupts, the human costs are devastating. 

Zelensky’s response echos with Taiwan government’s effort to link the Russian-Ukraine conflict with China-Taiwan situation. The Washing Post writer wrote that so far this has been the most assertive defense of Taiwan from any government. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian government has been careful not to upset Beijing.

The President also added that early intervention from the international community is crucial. Preventing conflicts turned into wars will help a smaller country fend off an aggressor.  To do so, he called on other nations to establish diplomatic relationship with Taiwan.

Zelensky said, “We must not leave them behind at the mercy of another country which is more powerful in financial terms, in territorial terms, and in terms of equipment.”

Although China firmly denies a link between Ukraine and Taiwan, several Asian leaders at the Shangri-La Dialogue said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine warned the Taiwan Strait about a potential envasion from China.

In a speech on June 10, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida said, “Ukraine today may be East Asia tomorrow.”

According to Olivia Enos, a senior political analyst at the Center for Asian Studies, the Chinese delegation left the hall during Zelensky’s speech.

Olivia Enos then removed a tweet with a message about the Chinese delegation’s action.

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